Top 5 Tips For Termite Control In Belconnen

From the last few days, can you see a pile of dust under your wooden furniture? If yes, then you have termite infestations within the layers. Once they get inside the wood material, there is hardly any solution for recovering the wood. So, it is mandatory to inspect your furniture regularly. But, the inspection is itself a tough job due to the tiny structures of termites.

However, if you are looking for termite Control in Belconnen’, we have sorted the best solutions. It is almost impossible to eradicate termites from your wooden things. Each colony has thousands of termites. So, you need professional help for termite removals. But, we can share the top 5 tips to prevent termites in your furniture.

1. Keep Your Wooden Furniture Away From Soil

Termites or any other pests have a direct connection with the soil. So, it is mandatory to keep at least fifteen to twenty inches gap in-between the furniture and earth. Termites are not fast-moving insects. So, they will avoid moving so much distance to infect the wooden items. So, if you have garden furniture, try to put some layering over the soil. It will minimize termite infestations.

2. Remove The Unwanted Items

Termites tend to attack places without regular activities. Therefore, try to keep your room clean and declutter all the unwanted papers and old furniture. The unmoving areas are ideal for termite infestation. Moreover, do not move any previously infested wooden furniture to any other places or room. The termites have the potential to attack the damaged woods first.

3. Fix Leaks And Holes

The holes not just invite termites but also other pests. So, if you suspect termites in your home, start looking for holes and leakages around the house. The roof or pipeline leakage near the wooden furniture creates a favourable condition for termite infestations.

Moreover, if you have furniture in your basement, it increases the chance of termite infestations drastically. The distance between the soil and the basement is little. So, the termites don’t have to move far. So, it is necessary to put a few inches of the gap between the soil and the furniture.

4. Remove Excess Moisture From The Wooden Items

Food, water, and shelter are the three main things for any organism to live. It is not different for termites either. The wood is their food as well as the shelter. So, when the termites get moisture within the wood, it creates a favourable condition for termite infestations. So, try to avoid soaking your wooden items with unwanted water. Even the humidity is dangerous for your wood. You can use a dehumidifier to absorb the humid condition. There are also some home remedies for treating the unwanted humidity of your home.

5. Hire Professional Pest Controllers In Belconnen

Termites stay in large colonies. The complete elimination of a whole nest is next to impossible without professional assistance. An expert termite controller understands the nature and behaviour of the insects right away. They can identify the possible termite infestations at a glance. If you are going through the end of the lease process, we would suggest hiring a professional termite controller. The expert can help you out with the best treatments and preventive measures for the same.

But, borate coating is also an effective process for preventing termites from further attacks. The professionals use to spray borate solution over the wooden items and dry them. After that, you can paint them as you wish.

With these top 5 tips, you can easily overcome unwanted termite infestations at your home. But, it is always better for a professional pest control team to do the job. And Belconnen has the best pest control services all over the town. Contact the expert pest controllers from Pest Control Belconnen, and get your home professionally inspected.